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Gentle and unassuming, Phil’s presentation began with a tale from the Upanishads of a man, his son, some water and some salt. That physical substance which dissolves into transparency yet can be tasted in everything it touches. As analogous to a principle of the physical essence of being, it demonstrates that often strangely ephemeral sense […]

This is the YouTube clip that Eric posted:

Peter Gorman – Toward a Mind Controlled Strange Attractor Morgan Barnard – Improvisation as a methodology for content creation in Live Cinema Emil McAvoy – A New Mediation of New Zealand Government Photography Max Bellamy – Microcosms Stella Brennan and Zita Joyce – Cloudland Laura Preston – The Future is Unwritten exhibition as proposition Tim Coster – […]

A series of meditations …

Today I managed to join up with the Urban Screens workshop, run by Morgan Barnard. I was running around before hand, so I missed the intro, although I am sure it went peachy. The intro I did gather was all about Quartz. So for this little post I plan to recap the topics covered, hopefully […]

Registration starts at 9am on Saturday 27th of June.